Edwards and Company has specialized in the food and beverage industry for over a half of century. With that comes the expertise and deep understanding of an industry segment that requires a multitude of unique daily potential exposures. Cyber risk, data breaches, product contamination and constantly changing government regulations are just some of the obstacles we assist our clients in navigating. Coupled with increasingly thinner margins, along with increasing cost pressures throughout the supply chain, food & beverage companies cannot entrust their property, profits and reputation to an insurance broker who does not have expert knowledge of their business.

As one of the country’s largest Anheuser Busch Distributors, we have constantly been concerned with skyrocketing workers compensation and health insurance costs. To
control these costs we needed a partner we could trust. For over 25 years, we have entrusted Edwards as a key partner and advisor. No where will you find a broker that treats your business likes its there own more than he team at Edwards.

Lisa Rose, Clare Rose, Inc.clare